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Hotel Dracula

Game description: Hotel Dracula:

Hotel Dracula – become the head manager of a hotel and a restaurant, belonging to Count Dracula! Take care of regular tourists and unususal guests. Go to the castle of Count Dracula in this Android game. Count keeps up with the time, so he turned his gloomy castle into a hotel. Tourists from all over the world have rest in this hotel with pleasure and have dinner in the restaurant. You must complete the orders fast and accurately to supervise weird personnel. Vampires come to the hotel after the sunset, but in the day time you must drive them out from the hotel.


Harvest valley

Game description: Harvest valley:

Harvest valley – grow cultivated plants and various animals on the farm. Produce agricultural goods, trade and defend your farm. Create a wonderful farm in the fairy tale valley in this Android game. Complete interesting and merry tasks. Expand your farm, explore new territories and find hidden treasures. Gather rich harvest of fruits and vegetables, take care of animals. Cook fine cuisine, create fashionable clothes and produce other goods at workshops. Sell the farm goods at the village fair.


Dealer’s life: Your pawn shop

Game description: Dealer’s life: Your pawn shop:

Dealer’s life: Your pawn shop – run your own pawn shop. Buy various objects from your visitors in order to sell them at a good price. Become a successful businessman in this Android game. Get ready to meet numberless clients who will offer you ancient objects from musical instruments to pieces of art, modern weapons or artifacts of ancient civilizations. Demonstrate your knowledge of psychology and intuition, bargain and hire experts. Sell goods with profit and earn billions.


Downy inn

Game description: Downy inn:

Downy inn – run your own restaurant, where cute animals are clients and restaurant staff. Cook tasty dishes according to the recipes from across the world. Bring a dream about a beautiful restaurant into life in this Android game. You were always interested in journeys and enjoyed tasty food in different countries of the world. Now you built a restaurant to treat local citizens with fine cuisine. Hire cooks and teach them nuances of the craft. Grow fresh ingredients. Serve visitors in time. Buy furniture and other objects.


Hotel dash deluxe

Game description: Hotel dash deluxe:

Hotel dash deluxe – reconstruct abandoned hotels and provide demanding guests with comfortable accomodation. Become successful in hotel business completing tasks in this Android game. Watch all floors of the hotel carefully. Direct the character where his help is required. Complete various orders and wishes of the clients. Clean the rooms, give additional blankets and so on. Earn money and spend them to upgrade and decorate the hotel. Attract new clients.