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Fruit link puzzle

Game description: Fruit link puzzle:

Fruit link puzzle – ?try to clear the screen from juicy fruit filling it. Connect pairs of same fruits to make them disappear. Use your logic and observation skills to complete colorful levels of this game for Android. To do the task you need to connect pairs of same fruit. The line connecting them can only bend at right angles. One line can’t bend more than twice. Tips and a variety of useful bonuses will help you complete tasks. Set new records.


Tropicats: Puzzle paradise

Game description: Tropicats: Puzzle paradise:

Tropicats: Puzzle paradise – help cats recover a village on a tropical island. Gather fruits and make long lines of them. This merry Android game will take you to a picturesque island inhabited by cute cats. Mysterious disaster destroyed a magic totem which guarded the village. Reveal the mystery of the island and build a cozy village for cats. Swap fruits, make lines of 3 and more identical fruits and get rewards for completed tasks. Build houses, grow fruits and meet local villagers.


Sweet match 3

Game description: Sweet match 3:

Sweet match 3 – match sweets, candies, cookies and other sweet things. Make lines of 3 and more of identical sweets, get nice bonuses and rewards. Travel across the world of sweets in this exciting Android game. On each level you will find a task on matching sweets. Swap sweets and try to make a combination of maximum possible number of identical sweets. Apply useful power-ups and start chain reactions of sweet blasts. Gather more stars for completed tasks and unlock new levels.


Puzzle pets: Popping fun!

Game description: Puzzle pets: Popping fun!:

Puzzle pets: Popping fun! – swap cute animals, filling the screen. Make lines of 3 and more identical animals to remove them from the field. Travel across a fairy tale land inhabited by cute animals in this Android game. Make long lines from pets to free room for new animals on the playing field. Apply useful upgrades and bonuses, which will help you cope with tasks faster and complete levels. Gather a collection of treasures hidden on different levels. Surprise friends with your record results.


Cookie blast: Christmas

Game description: Cookie blast: Christmas:

Cookie blast: Christmas – sort out Christmas cookies, colorful candies and other sweets. Make lines of 3 and more identical sweets. See what kind of presents are hidden in the bag of Santa Claus. In this Android game you will move cookies, cakes, cupcakes, candies and other tasty sweets across the playing field. Try to make maximum long lines of identical sweets in order to start a chain reaction of blasts and get power-ups. Use various bonuses to cope with the tasks faster and get closer to Christmas.