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Gesture Dance

Game description: Gesture Dance:


Dub dash

Game description: Dub dash:

Dub dash – control a small wheel and guide it through winding levels. Play dangerous tracks following the rhythm of the music. Drive through colorful courses of this game for Android relying on your music ear and excellent reflexes. Guide the wheel through spherical mazes, control a flying object, and roll the wheel along endless tracks. Enjoy great music and don’t hit obstacles. Get extra lives performing special tasks.



Game description: Lanota:

Lanota – together with 2 heroes travel across a fantasy world which lost all colors as a result of a calamity. Bring back harmony to the world. The characters of this Android game want to recover their world. Help the heroes cope with this important mission. Tap the screen to a music rhythm. Fill colorless locations with bright colors and recover the world harmony. Take the heroes across incredible locations. Read about the adventures experienced by the characters in a colorful book.


Song Pop

Game description: Song Pop:


Tap tap reborn 2: Popular songs

Game description: Tap tap reborn 2: Popular songs:

Tap tap reborn 2: Popular songs – press buttons to music rhythm. Catch circles flying at you as soon as they enter the end zone. Plunge into a beautiful world of music in this dynamic Android game. Enjoy music tracks of electronic music, techno, rock and so on. Catch the rhythm and watch the screen carefully. Tap the corresponding buttons to catch circles flying along paths. Train and reach impressing results which will take you to the top of the world rating and surprise your friends.