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Shakes & Fidget – The Game App

Game description: Shakes & Fidget – The Game App:


Battle tank

Game description: Battle tank:

Battle tank – drive your tank across the big arena. Apply weapons to destroy enemy machinery. Dodge enemy attacks and hide behind different objects. Plunge into exciting tank battles waiting for you in this Android game. Get ready for the battles against hundreds opponents. Try to blast enemy tanks before they destroy you. Make your tank bigger and more powerful. Pick up bonuses scattered across the map. Unlock new types of combat machinery and upgrade tanks. Raise your rating and compete with friends.


Tactical battle simulator

Game description: Tactical battle simulator:

Tactical battle simulator – control a strong army consisting of fighters of different classes. Win great battles thanks to the right strategy. Feel what it’s like to be a combat commander on the battle fields of this Android game. Control the army or take control over any fighter on the battle field. Apply unexpected tactical decisions to get a victory. Fight against computer opponents or against other players. Control both sides of the conflict in a sandbox mode and make models of different combat situations.


Kingdom of claws

Game description: Kingdom of claws:

Kingdom of claws – build a strong base and defend it from the attacks of numerous enemies. Construct fortresses, hire powerful heroes. Reign in your own kingdom and take it to the victory in this Android game. Make a real maze of walls and defense towers to confuse your enemy and turn your base into an invincible fortress. Place defense towers in the key points and destroy hordes of your enemies. Control your heroes and turn the flow of the battle applying unique skills of your characters. Upgrade your heroes.


Order and chaos 2: Redemption

Game description: Order and chaos 2: Redemption:

Order and chaos 2: Redemption – a sequel to the legendary RPG game by Gameloft, where you need to save the world from chaos and destruction once again. In the latest version of Order and chaos you needed to destroy the magical crystal to free Hardon from the dark forces. But it all went wrong, and the world was destroyed. Evil won this this harsh battle. And only after six hundred years Hardon began to recover, and new heroes are willing to have another try and defeat the enemy. Help the heroes overcome all the trials.