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Pizza street: Deliver pizza!

Game description: Pizza street: Deliver pizza!:

Pizza street: Deliver pizza! – deliver pizza, take a pizza boy along busy city streets full of vehicles, bandits and other dangers. Demonstrate the speed of your reaction in this merry Android game. Help a pizza boy run as far as possible along the city streets and deliver maximum orders. This won’t be that easy as bad guys will try to steal your pizza in case you stay too long in the same place. But you can try to catch robbers, entrap them and take your pizza back. Pick up bonuses and unlock new heroes.


Swish ball!

Game description: Swish ball!:

Swish ball! – tap the screen, control two manipulators, hit the balls with their help and take the balls into the basket. Train the speed of your fingers in this simple but exciting Android game. Your task is to throw as many balls into the basket as possible. Hurry up, you have limited time to complete tasks! Though the more balls you take into the basket the more extra chances you will get to set new records. And remember that the game will be over earlier if you drop the ball.


Defender of Diosa

Game description: Defender of Diosa:

Defender of Diosa – lead a small army, defend the goddess from hordes of goblins and other monsters. Use different soldiers and divine powers. In this game for Android you’ll need to take care of the enemies who strive to get to the temple of the goddess. Place your troops made up of knights, archers, mages, warriors with axes, etc on the way of the enemy. Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the right strategy and change positions of your soldiers on the battlefield so you can defeat your enemies.



Game description: McPixel:

McPixel – help a brave and a bit dumb guy save the world from the bombs placed by terrorists. Use different items to avert explosions. The hero of this game for Android has found a bomb. He finds new bombs on each level. The noble mission of the hero is to save all others from the blast, help him do it. You only have 20 seconds to make the right decision. Use surrounding objects, scares passers-by, you can even attack people to scare them away.


Tap smiths

Game description: Tap smiths:

Tap smiths – tap the screen to make smiths hit hammers against anvil and produce legendary weapons, armor and other items the heroes require. In this Android game you are going to run your own forge. The most powerful hero will be helpless without excellent weapons and munitions. You must create various items to sell them in your shop. Supply the heroes will all they need to fight against evil powers. Get income and upgrade your workshop. Unblock new smiths having unique abilities and appearance.