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Game description: Skyhill:

Skyhill – original project with absorbing gameplay from Mandragora Team. The game is set in the period after the end of World War III, where chemical weapons were used. All the population was affected by mutations, all except the main character of the game. He managed to survive by hiding in the most expensive hotel and now he needs to find a way out of it. Skyscraper it full of monsters, but ammunition and food are sorely lacking. Help the hero save his life!


Hide and seek: Story of Dorothy

Game description: Hide and seek: Story of Dorothy:

Hide and seek: Story of Dorothy – help the girl called Dorothy explore a huge and mysterious house full of danger and strange creatures. Dorothy, the main heroine of this Android game has fallen asleep in a closet during a game of hide and seek. When she woke up she realized that she lost memory. Help Dorothy go through rooms of a large house, each with a new puzzle, trap or unknown danger waiting for her. Pick up useful items, fight difficulties in the way and help Dorothy restore her memories.


The prince Billy Bob

Game description: The prince Billy Bob:

The prince Billy Bob – guide the fearless hero through a dungeon full of a variety of enemies. Defeat powerful bosses Move through dungeons without stopping for a moving in this game for Android. The hero will automatically fight the monsters. Your task is to improve weapons and other equipment of the hero in time. Each fight with a monster or a boss will bring you a certain amount of gold and other valuables. Use these resources to develop your character and fight evil.


Mutants vs the chosen: Traitor

Game description: Mutants vs the chosen: Traitor:

Mutants vs the chosen: Traitor – help the hero and his sister survive and hide from the villains chasing them. Search for useful objects and explore interesting places. This Android game will take you to the world after a global cataclysm. Many people suffer from various genetic mutations. The main character is a mutant. He saved his sister who has been kidnapped by bandits attacking mutant villages. Now you have to help the hero and his sister set up their new home in the ruined basement and to whatever it takes to defend the new home.


Craft king

Game description: Craft king:

Craft king – gather different resources and use them to make whatever you want. Build a house and furnish it. Or try to create a whole city.