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Dots and co

Game description: Dots and co:

Dots and co – connect groups of the same colored dots with one line in order to remove them from the playing board and get points. Pick bonuses. Travel across beautiful worlds of this Android game where you will solve engrossing puzzles. Don’t hurry, think over your moves and play as fast as you like. Try to connect maximum same colored dots at a time. Meet many characters which will help you solve logic puzzles and complete levels. Apply wonderful bonuses to start chain reactions of explosions.


Friday the 13th: Killer puzzle

Game description: Friday the 13th: Killer puzzle:

Friday the 13th: Killer puzzle – help a scary Jason terrorize tourists in the summer camp and in other location across the world. The main hero of this Android game, Jason, raised from dead. He sank in the Crystal lake 20 years ago. But now he brings horror and death to unlucky victims. Help Jason get through the streets of New York, prisons and other locations. Don’t let police or special squad stop a horrible murderer. Take Jason avoiding traps to enlarge his list of victims.



Game description: Tilemap:

Tilemap – swap square tiles and rotate them to create complete one color circles where the tiles collide. Improve your observation and logic in this Android game. The playing field has tiles, each with fragments of colored circles on it. Place the tiles so that you can create complete circle of the same color at the places where the tiles collide. Level can have multiple solutions, find any of them.


Love maze

Game description: Love maze:

Love maze – take Mr. Blue through the winding maze. Take him to Miss Pink to reunite the loving hearts. In this interesting Android game you can use your logic abilities for the benefit of love. On each level you will have to arrange the meeting of lovers. Just tap the screen to control the movement of the blue hero. The character moves along a straight line until he meets the wall. Think over your moves so that the blue ball can reach his pink sweetheart.


929 puzzle

Game description: 929 puzzle:

929 puzzle -place blocks of different shapes on the screen all the blocks are made up of square tiles. Create rows and squares no less than 3×3 tiles. Rely on your spatial imagination and logic completing levels of this exciting game for Android. Drag the blocks onto the playing field. You can rotate the block by taping them. Use blocks to create figures that will explode. The game’ll end if you have no moves left. Practice and improve your results. Try to take leading positions in the player ranking.