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Shakes & Fidget – The Game App

Game description: Shakes & Fidget – The Game App:


Order and chaos 2: Redemption

Game description: Order and chaos 2: Redemption:

Order and chaos 2: Redemption – a sequel to the legendary RPG game by Gameloft, where you need to save the world from chaos and destruction once again. In the latest version of Order and chaos you needed to destroy the magical crystal to free Hardon from the dark forces. But it all went wrong, and the world was destroyed. Evil won this this harsh battle. And only after six hundred years Hardon began to recover, and new heroes are willing to have another try and defeat the enemy. Help the heroes overcome all the trials.


Compet: Competition pets

Game description: Compet: Competition pets:

Compet: Competition pets – travel across the world, gather treasures and enlarge the collection of funny pets which will fight against your opponents. Become the best pet trainer in this Android game. Tame rabbits, cats and fantasy animals. Train pets increasing their characteristics. Unlock magic skills and upgrade your heroes. Get valuable trophies and resources. Craft a cozy village for your pets. Challenge your friends and players from all over the world. Win battles against other pets and increase your rating.


Elemancer: Collectible card game

Game description: Elemancer: Collectible card game:

Elemancer: Collectible card game – gather a deck of cards with heroes, spells and so on. Defeat opponents in exciting card battles. Become a lord of elements in this exciting Android game. Explore a mystic island, fight against various opponents, win, get new cards and other prizes. Upgrade your own city, get magic crystals, level up your element mastering abilities. Challenge players from all over the world, try your tactical skills in card battles .


Ouroboros project

Game description: Ouroboros project:

Ouroboros project – lead a squad of legendary heroes and famous historical figures to rescue people survived during the zombie apocalypse. Explore a postapocalypse world of this Android game, where zombies and danger are waiting for you at each step. Become a member of the secret organization, rescue people and recover lost knowledge. Enlarge your team with new members such as Mozart, Joan of Arc and others. Efficiently apply skills of the heroes in the battles against zombies. Develop heroes and get items of outfit for them.