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Top run: Retro pixel adventure

Game description: Top run: Retro pixel adventure:

Top run: Retro pixel adventure – take a young hero and his faithful dog across the big neon city full of dangers and obstacles. Start an exciting journey together with the characters of this Android game. The hero and his dog are running forward. Tap the screen to make characters jump on the platforms, jump over traps, defeat enemies and dodge dangers. Shake your smartphone and apply superabilities of the hero and his dog to crush insidious villains and rescue friends. Get rewards and decorate the room.


Endless vault cruiser

Game description: Endless vault cruiser:

Endless vault cruiser – control a fast vehicle and speed through the endless maze. Collect coins and avoid hitting different obstacles. Accelerate to an incredible speed and try to escape from your pursuers in this game for Android. Insidious enemy will place rectangular blocks and other obstacles in your way. Rely on your reflexes and dodge in time. Find the safest way through obstacles. Be careful, your speed will gradually increase. Get as far as possible.


Rerunners: Race for the world

Game description: Rerunners: Race for the world:

Rerunners: Race for the world – control a funny running character which is rushing in the levels full of platforms, traps and obstacles. Get ready for a speedy adventure across wonderful worlds of this Android game. Create your own runner, select its appearance and clothes. Take your character across dungeons, deserts, magic islands and many other locations. Complete jumps, use a jetpack and other power-ups to overcome obstacles. Outrun rivals from all over the world and become a champion!