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Street rally

Game description: Street rally:

Street rally – drive your car through the city streets and perform various tricks. Get behind a wheel of a powerful car and bend the throttle. Drive inside and outside the city. Turn at full speed. Send your car into drift and show your skills. Ram oncoming cars, knock down poles and destroy other obstacles. All the lovers of powerful engines and extreme driving should like this dynamic Android game.


Clan of puma

Game description: Clan of puma:

Clan of puma – help a strong puma explore a huge world. Find all the puma clan members. Hunt a variety of game and fight dangerous battles. The goal of this game for Android is to help puma restore its clan. Find all clan members who’ll join your hero and help fight powerful bosses like huge bears. Hunt deer, rabbits, and other wildlife. Explore the world of wildlife and defend the territory from enemy clans. Improve your hero and make it the stronger predator.


Hummingbird simulator 3D

Game description: Hummingbird simulator 3D:

Hummingbird simulator 3D – help the smallest bird in the world survive in the wild nature. Complete various tasks and study life of a hummingbird. Plunge into a bright life of a hummingbird – one of the most incredible birds on our planet. In this exciting Android game you will make sure that hummingbirds can fly as well as hang in the air gathering honeydew from flowers. Help a little hummingbird find a partner, build a nest and grow nestlings. Be ready to fight against spiders, wasps and other dangerous creatures. Unlock birds of various colors.


Wild cougar sim 3D

Game description: Wild cougar sim 3D:

Wild cougar sim 3D – help a young cougar survive in hash environment of the wild nature. Hunt the right pray and fight predators who came to your land. In this game for Android you can create a unique cougar changing the color of its fur and size of certain body parts. Guide your hero through the wild lands of the American continent. Hunt rabbits, raccoons, and other pray. Defend your pray from foxes, wolves, and even bears. Do tasks, get experience, and improve your stats. Help the cougar start a family.


Horse paradise: My dream ranch

Game description: Horse paradise: My dream ranch:

Horse paradise: My dream ranch – grow beautiful horses of different breeds in the magic world. Take care of pets and train them to win the contest. Start your way across the magic forest in this Android game. Select among many horses. Complete exciting tasks, explore the world together with horses, get nice prizes and rewards. Build an excellent stable, where you can breed various horses including wingy pegasuses. Communicate with other players in the game chat. Take part in the race and other contest.