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Ouroboros project

Game description: Ouroboros project:

Ouroboros project – lead a squad of legendary heroes and famous historical figures to rescue people survived during the zombie apocalypse. Explore a postapocalypse world of this Android game, where zombies and danger are waiting for you at each step. Become a member of the secret organization, rescue people and recover lost knowledge. Enlarge your team with new members such as Mozart, Joan of Arc and others. Efficiently apply skills of the heroes in the battles against zombies. Develop heroes and get items of outfit for them.


Voodoo heroes

Game description: Voodoo heroes:

Voodoo heroes – explore gloomy dungeons together with voodoo heroes. Get ready for tactical battles against various opponents. Different voodoo dolls are the heroes of this Android game. Each hero has a unique appearance, weapons and abilities. Get through the randomly generated dungeons. Find hidden treasures, fight against monsters and bosses, get rare objects and ingredients to craft outfit. Add new voodoo dolls to your collection. Attack castles of other players.


Valiant force

Game description: Valiant force:

Valiant force – travel across large lands of the kingdom together with great heroes and fight against dark powers to defend peaceful citizens. Gather an invincible team of heroes in this Android game. Get ready for battles against monsters and powerful bosses. Use magic runes which will power up your characters. Develop heroes and master new skills to change the battle flow. Gather trophies, craft powerful weapons and outfit. Add new heroes to your collection and fight on the arena against players from all over the world.


Dawn of the dragons: Ascension. Turn based RPG

Game description: Dawn of the dragons: Ascension. Turn based RPG:

Dawn of the dragons: Ascension. Turn based RPG – travel across the fantasy world together with legendary heroes and fight against powers of evil. Challenge dragons and various monsters in this Android game. Bring back order to the lands of kingdom devastated by war. Collect cards with different heroes to summon furious warriors to the battlefield. Think over your strategy taking into account strong and weak sides of the members of your squad. Join a guild to defeat strong bosses and other enemies together with friends.


Middle-earth: Shadow of war

Game description: Middle-earth: Shadow of war:

Middle-earth: Shadow of war – challenge the Dark Lord together with pathfinder Talion. Gather a squad of legendary heroes and defeat powers of evil. In this Android game you can get advantage of the Ring of Power created by Celebrimbor and try to make Sauron servants fight against him. Get into Mordor and lead such heroes as Galadriel, Boromir, Aragorn and many others. Use unique abilities of the characters, fight against orcs, nazguls and even Sauron. Don’t forget to develop heroes and upgrade their outfit.