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Tap tap reborn 2: Popular songs

Game description: Tap tap reborn 2: Popular songs:

Tap tap reborn 2: Popular songs – press buttons to music rhythm. Catch circles flying at you as soon as they enter the end zone. Plunge into a beautiful world of music in this dynamic Android game. Enjoy music tracks of electronic music, techno, rock and so on. Catch the rhythm and watch the screen carefully. Tap the corresponding buttons to catch circles flying along paths. Train and reach impressing results which will take you to the top of the world rating and surprise your friends.



Game description: Pianista:

Pianista – enjoy classic music and press white notes flying across the screen. Don’t make mistakes, score points and unlock new pianos. In this interesting Android game you can listen to works of great composers of the past as well as test your ear for music and reflexes. Listen to the music rhythm and watch the notes sliding the piano. Tap the screen in time to get points. Hold the finger on the notes with a tail. Swipe the screen every time you see a red note. Train and increase difficulty level.


Rock hero

Game description: Rock hero:

Rock hero – train your guitar skills an the sense of rhythm. While the music plays you need to tap the buttons as they appear on the screen. Try to follow the rhythm of a song and tap the buttons. Become a real rock star! Play any songs from your device. Tap the notes in accordance with the rhythm of the song. Practice and increase the difficulty level.


Taptube: Music video rhythm game

Game description: Taptube: Music video rhythm game:

Taptube: Music video rhythm game – watch music videos of your favorite artists on YouTube and tap to the beats of the fast flying notes. In case you like rhythm games, this Android game will surely come to your liking. Here you are not limited with a small choice of music tracks. Moreover, you can not only listen to music but also watch music videos! Start a video you like on YouTube and set records tapping the screen in time. Adjust difficulty level and speed of the game in the settings. Create your own notes for any video.