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Game description: Rotate:

Rotate – control a small square that need to move through a fantastic galaxy jumping from one planet to the other. Explore around the galaxy in this Android game. You can move in any direction you want. Planets rotate at different speeds, consider is while you move. The rotation speed of the planet can be identified by its color. Collect colorful dots on the way to get extra points. Avoid collisions with sharp blades. Don’t stay long in one place.


Entite: Synapse runner

Game description: Entite: Synapse runner:

Entite: Synapse runner – travel the galaxy moving between nodes connected with a web. Avoid traps and dangers. Explore cosmos in this dynamic game for Android. Show your reflexes and wits choosing the optimal route. Try to move along lines that allow you to collect crystals, energy, and other valuable bonuses. Avoid black holes and other dangerous objects. Use teleporters to do unexpected maneuvers. Get 3 stars for completing each level.


Flipped out! Powerpuff girls

Game description: Flipped out! Powerpuff girls:

Flipped out! Powerpuff girls – help 3 little girls having super abilities defend their home city from the invasion of monsters, aliens and other villains. In this merry Android game you will meet 3 characters of a popular animation. Little heroes guard the peace of citizens. Help the girls use their unique powers and defeat various enemies. Move the heroes across the screen and crush monsters with powerful dashes. Use various combo to get extra rewards and nice bonuses.


Whack them all

Game description: Whack them all:

Whack them all – tap the tiles on the screen that have balls on them. Do that as fast as possible to do it before they get really mad. Show good reflexes and incredible speed of your fingers in this addictive game for Android. To win you have to be very careful. Your main task is not to let the balls get angry and hit them before that. This can be difficult, because over time there are more and more balls on the screen. But do not despair, you can get various weapons like lasers or a nuclear bomb.


Coco crab

Game description: Coco crab:

Coco crab – move a funny crab from one side to another. Use an elastic crab claw to catch juicy fruits falling on the hero. Gather an incredible collection of colorful crabs in this Android game. To do this you will need to catch them with the help of a special manipulator. Take your crab hunting fruits. Fruits fall non stop, don’t let them reach the ground! Tap the screen to make the crab stretch his claw, cut fruits and gather their slices. Get bonuses, catch new crabs, unlock new locations.