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Lapse: A forgotten future

Game description: Lapse: A forgotten future:

Lapse: A forgotten future – become a country leader in not so faraway future. Take country level decisions and see where they will take you. This exciting Android game will take you to the year of 2075. You will be the state leader. Now it’s up to you whether your country will survive in a gloomy post apocalypse world. Take decisions in hard situations, but remember that each decision has effects. Listen to the advice of scientists, spies and diplomatists. Don’t miss a conspiracy, which can lead to the overthrow of power.


Garden flipper

Game description: Garden flipper:

Garden flipper – buy a land site and build a house. Take care of your territory, grow various plants and make sure it is clean and in order. In this Android game you will get your own house. However your site was abandoned, it is covered with grass and bushes. Take a grass cutter and bring your lawn into a perfect state. Cut bushes with the help of garden scissors. Get rid of the garbage on the territory and manage to cope with this before a garbage truck arrives. Build a greenhouse to grow vegetables there. Take care of flowers in the flower beds.


Color Sheep

Game description: Color Sheep:



Game description: Galaxy:


Cell to singularity: Evolution never ends

Game description: Cell to singularity: Evolution never ends:

Cell to singularity: Evolution never ends – control the evolution flow on the Earth. Tap the screen to accumulate entropy and develop forms of life. In this Android game evolution will be under your control. Just touch the screen of your device and watch one cell organisms gradually developing and turning into complicated forms of life. Select the life development direction. See a human come. Direct the civilization history and carry it through different epochs from stone age to the doorstep of technological singularity.